New Construction

Later-Field Household

What initially began as an untamed piece of property off bucolic Kinsey Bay Lane is now on its way to becoming Virge Temme's third Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certified single family residential home. When Chicagoan couple Mary Field...

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“Scout Camp”

An existing 1920s cottage and memories of childhood scout camps formed the basis for this design which merged a renovation of the existing, and an addition to include a expansive great room with dining for twenty or more, plus two master bedroom suites and a home...

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“Double Scoop”

The Double Scoop is a home for play.  The kitchen serves as "Command Central", overlooking dining, recessed living and  a large flat screen television which drops down from a hidden alcove in the ceiling over a sleek linear fireplace to show videos of the owners'...

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A west-coast couple with a passion for sculpture and nature were drawn to a Midwest prairie, gravitating toward friends and a more central location for family to "come home."  Ithaca is so-named because it's "the place you long to return to..." The sculptural design...

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The SAGE House

SAGE:  adj:  wise, esp. as a result of long experience The SAGE House is the result of a year-long research project into designing and building a small home that is not only affordable for Door County's average household income of $50,000, is also energy-efficient....

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Greg and Jane Dietz spent some time visiting Japan while their daughter lived there. That, coupled with their Wisconsin love for Prairie Style architecture and the nautical character of Door County, served as the foundation for their new home in Sturgeon Bay....

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Riverfront Home

On the south bank of the Menominee River in Northern Wisconsin the homes are small fishing cottages from the 1930s and 40s.  Some have been expanded over time, leading to the locally endearing moniker "add-a-shack." Fitting a new, modern home into this...

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Every piece of farm work is also an attempt to solve a problem, and therefore it should have its intellectual interest. It needs but the informing of the mind and the quickening of the imagination to raise any constructive and creative work above the level of...

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