maloneyIt was a real pleasure to work with Virge. She made the whole process easy because she listens. During our initial meeting, we talked about how we wanted the house to look and how we wanted to live in it. Over the course of the design process, Virge never lost sight of those ideas, and gave us a house which is not only beautiful but works perfectly for us.

Pam and Ron Maloney

Mather_05How do we ever begin to thank you for all you have created for us? Our cottage is truly a magical place that we will share with family and friends. You have given us a gift which will create happy and fun-filled times for all. Your truly are amazing! It was such a treat to work with you…your ideas are fabulous! We could never have captured the ‘old Door County’ without your help.

Melissa and Andy Mather

After we bought our 1954 ranch home we looked around and thought, “we have no idea what to do with this.” It was so dark and gloomy. Virge opened up walls and created for us a wonderful, light, welcoming home that we love. It’s a beautiful place to entertain, and has captured all the best qualities we’d hoped for. Virge was so helpful in bringing together many talented people to make this wonderful home something we are very proud of.

Eric and Patsy Vollrath

Congratulations on your Conversations on Sustainable Design series in the Peninsula Pulse, and your lecture at the League of Women Voters. We are very pleased to have an architect in the county who is dedicated to sustainable design and we wish you well.

Neil and Pat McCarthy

Kinde_exterior_05Our son and his wife and kids and dog arrived in mid-afternoon, and were thrilled by the design and beauty of the house. We all enjoyed the sense of space and the views that you had so carefully designed. Three people can work comfortably in the kitchen! Bob and I had gone up Friday, so we sat everywhere and couldn’t decide which was our favorite view! Mike and Ellen did the same, and we enjoyed upstairs and downstairs with equal enthusiasm. Thanks again for retaining our view of the island and the little path.

It was funny, when the house was under construction, sometimes it would seem too small and sometimes too big, but now it feels just right! The window seating adds lots of places to sit as well as storage, the kitchen is easy to use, the bathrooms are just right, and the bedrooms wonderful.

We also benefited from the people you work with, and have been absolutely delighted with AJ, Cliff and Door County Interiors.

It has been a pleasure knowing you!

Sue and Bob Kinde

Stephens9We spent many hours discussing all aspects of our dream house in great detail.

Virge’s commitment to us and our dream was remarkable. We have been living in our home for over a year now and it is very difficult to put into words how happy we are with outcome. Look at the pictures and you’ll understand what we mean. It was fun and a pleasure to work with Virge. Everyday is a pleasure to come home to our house; everything is how we dreamed. There’s nothing more to add but thank you very much on a job well done!”

Rob and Joanna Stephens

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